Manual (Tips and Tricks)

Very detailed and up to date manual written by Bertrand Fontaine can be found on Air³ pages. Video tutorials included. Thanks Bertrand!

Walk-through training by Bertrand Fontaine (January 2023):

This is not a manual but rather a collection of non-obvious thoughts about using XCTrack.

Battery optimization exception

Acoustic vario

Power management

E-ink devices

Road maps



Competition Tutorial


XCTrack can use airspaces from automatically.

  1. Choose countries in Preferences -> Airspaces -> Web
  2. Tap ‘’Refresh’’
  3. Enable airspace display in settings XC assistent or competition map
  4. Airspace activations are automatically checked upon XCTrack restart

If you want to use a custom OpenAir file, the following steps are need.

  1. Copy your airspace files in OpenAir format to ‘’XCTrack/Airspaces’’ directory.
  2. Choose the individual airspace files to use on Preferences -> Airspaces -> Files screen.
  3. Enable airspace display in the settings XC Assistant or Competition Map widgets
  4. Add the airspace proximity widget for information and current distance from the nearby (nearest) airspace.

There are 3 types of airspaces in XCTrack:


Waypoints used in navigation are read from waypoint files. Waypoint files are searched for in XCTrack/Waypoints directory and several files can be used at once. Supported waypoint file formats:

Internal waypoints

There is one special file in the XCTrack/Waypoints directory, called ’‘’xctrack-internal.wpt’’’. This file serves as a storage for XCTrack “internal” waypoints. It is created and edited by XCTrack by marking or editing waypoints. The file format is GpsDump (GEO) encoded in utf-8. You can modify this file by hand, but be careful:

  1. do not modify the file while XCTrack is running - it can result in losing your edits or any strange behaviour
  2. do not make errors in the file, it could lead to losing some waypoints You can replace the file with another file in any format, which XCTrack understands. It will be converted to GpsDump format on the first edit.

Thermalling detection & switching to thermal assistant

Switching to thermal assistant can be enabled or disabled in Preferences -> Automatic actions. By default, once circling in thermal is detected, the page is switched to the thermal assistant page. Once XCTrack detects the pilot stopped thermalling, the page is automatically switched back. The detection of thermalling start/end is based on the following rules:

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