What is that strange sound?

It’s probably an external sensor disconnection alarm. Change your external device to None in Preferences -> Connection & Sensors -> External device. Or disable the acoustic vario.

No, the sound is different and more often. That’s weak lift indication. Set it’s volume to 0 in Preferences -> Connection & Sensors -> Weak lift indication volume, or maybe enabling the option Mute audio when not flying would be better.

Read about sounds in Tips and tricks section.

Is XCTrack opensource?

No, but feel free to contribute with good bugreports, well specified tasks, documentation… http://www.paraglidingforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=p531512

Why is livetracking disabled in stable version?

We want to make great improvements to the livetracking features. These will include big changes to the protocol, random breakage etc. We are committed to provide stable experience for users of the stable versions. Keeping things working all the time with the stable versions would be too hard for us.

Use the beta version if you want to use the livetracking features. It will work most of the time.

Which is the latest version for Android 2.x?

The latest version is 0.6.1. You can download it here. This version uses a new authentication scheme for claiming new flights so it will work with XContest even when we disable the old one.

Is XCTrack available for iPhone/iPad?

No and we don’t plan it (the app would have to be almost rewritten again for iOS).

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