ActiveLook glasses

What is it?

The ActiveLook glasses are special glasses with a small LED projector near the right side of your nose that projects a picture to the upper-left corner of your vision. The display is ~ 320x200 with 16 shades of yellow. It communicates over Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and can only display what an application tells it; the glasses themselves do not have any other sensors or possibility to work autonomously. The battery is supposed to last about 12 hours. That should be enough for most XC flights.

The BLE protocol allows only for low-bandwith transfers. The communication protocol itself is trying to conserve the bandwidth as much as possible. Updating the display with 1Hz frequency is generally possible, more frequent updates may work. XCTrack is generally able to do most screen updates in about 250ms.

The glasses have a motion sensor so that you could send some commands by waving your hand in front of your left eye. This feature is NOT used by XCTrack. Along with the motion sensor, the glasses have a light sensor to adjust the brightness of the display automatically to the light conditions. XCTrack allows using this sensor, however we are flying in strong light conditions. We recommend turning the display to maximum brightness and switching the automatic adjustment off. According to the documentation this supposedly saves a lot of battery power.

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