When the GPS fix is obtained, XCTrack immediately reports your position to the livetracking server. Then, when you start moving, once a minute your complete position (1 second fixes) are sent to the livetracking server. At that moment your tracklog becomes visible to other xctrack or web users.

Please be aware that when XCTrack with livetracking is enabled, your position is clearly visible in our web application. We can often see car drives in the web application, unfortunately currently we cannot do anything about it (in the future we might try to filter out car driving automatically).

XCTrack app privileges

XCTrack does not collect, save, publish nor share any of its user’s private or otherwise sensitive information. It creates a valid IGC tracklog in XCTrack/Tracklogs folder, that can be uploaded to site by the user. We are syncing your donations - we really appreciate our donors and we want to give them special treatment in the future.

If you enable livetracking, XCTrack transmits its position as soon as it gets a GPS signal. We need this to display position of other pilots nearby. Once you take off, the complete tracklog (1 point/second) is transmitted to the livetracking server. Your position and tracklog is available publicly online at that moment. We keep the tracklog in a database for a few days. The tracklog can be automatically submitted to XContest if you enable that feature.

XCTrack uses Firebase Crashlytics for crash reporting, please read their privacy policy.

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