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FAI assistant
XCTrack aims to become a full featured flight computer for paraglider pilots - both for free flying and competitions. XCTrack is closely related to XContest and developed by the XContest team. Disclaimer: XCTrack is under heavy development, there are still a few important features missing and there may be some bugs. For more information see the Gitlab issues and the list of supported features below. XCTrack runs on Android 4 or higher. Older versions (up to 0.6) support Android 2.2 and higher.

Features supported

XC flying


General features


Thanks to the pilot community XCTrack is now available in 20+ different languages. Translating to another language or contributing to an already existing translation is very easy. Read the How To Translate guide and do it on https://translate.xctrack.org .


Very detailed and up to date manual written by Bertrand Fontaine can be found on AirĀ³ pages. Video tutorials included. Thanks Bertrand!

Contact, Feedback & Discussion

XCTrack is developed by XContest team - https://www.xcontest.org. To follow the latest news about XCTrack or to request new features participate in the xctrack-public project on https://gitlab.com/xcontest-public/xctrack-public or in the discussion on paraglidingforum. To file a bug report see the report bugs page.


The latest stable version of XCTrack is available at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.xcontest.XCTrack . If you want to test the latest development version, join the XCTrack beta program.
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