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FAI assistant
XCTrack aims to become a full featured flight computer for paraglider pilots - both for free flying and competitions. XCTrack is closely related to XContest and developed by XContest team.
Disclaimer: XCTrack is under heavy development, there still are a few important features missing and there may be some bugs. For more information, please see the Roadmap and the list of supported features below. XCTrack runs on Android 4 or higher. Older versions (up to 0.6) support Android 2.2 and higher.

Features supported in version 0.6

Task navigation page
Task navigation page

XC flying


General features


Thanks to the pilot community XCTrack is now available in 19+ different languages. Translating to another language or contributing to already existing translation is very easy. You can do it yourself just with your web browser. Please see https://translate.xctrack.org and How To Translate guide.

Contact, Feedback & Discussion

XCTrack is developed by XContest team - http://www.xcontest.org. To follow the latest news about XCTrack or to request new features, please participate in xctrack-public project on https://gitlab.com/xcontest-public/xctrack-public or in the discussion on paraglidingforum. To file a bug report, please see the report bugs page.


The latest stable version of XCTrack is available at Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.xcontest.XCTrack . The latest development version can be downloaded through XCTrack application: Preferences / Testing & Debug / Update XCTrack
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