Translate XCTrack!

XCTrack can be translated easily with just your web browser. All you need to do is Before doing so, please see the guidelines below. Your help will be VERY much appreciated.

Translation guidelines

Please, keep the style of translations the same as in the default English texts, especially:

Keep the translations complete

It is very messy to have mixed English and local language on one screen. Please, keep the translations complete. If you find any untranslated strings, please fill it in (watch the red color on the web to see missing translations). There will probably be development releases of XCTrack which will not be published to google play to allow continuous translation of new texts. Also, before the main stable (google play) release, there will be a few days period when the application will be published here to allow all translations to be done. These XCTrack prereleases will be announced at pgforum.

One translation is not enough

If you find some translated text not quite fitting or you think you have a better one, please log in and add your version of the text. If there are more versions of the translation, please vote with the Like! button for the one you like most.

Test your translations directly in XCTrack

Please install version for translators from [Download page](/Download.html).

English translation

As you have probably already found out, XContest is not developed by native English speakers ;). If you have better English translation to replace some default text, please do not hesitate to fill it in the English language translation (do not worry about missing texts there). We will update the default texts based on your suggestions once in a while.

Thank you

We are trying to make the best possible flying instrument out of our android devices, and it would never work without localization. We are very grateful to everyone who contributes. Thank you!
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