Where is the XCTrack folder? Why did you move it?

You can find the location of the folder in Preferences > About.

We have to move it because it’s forced by Google.

If the folder is not accessible in your file manager, go to the Preferences > About and click on the XCTrack data folder (from version 0.9.6). You can try to use system file manager, or install this application that is a shortcut to it. You can access the whole XCTrack folder by choosing XCTrack application in the menu, because XCTrack acts as a content provider.

The X-plore File Manager seems to work OK even on Android 11.

What is that strange sound?

It’s probably an external sensor disconnection alarm. Change your external device to None in Preferences -> Connection & Sensors -> External device. Or disable the acoustic vario.

No, the sound is different and more often. That’s weak lift indication. Set it’s volume to 0 in Preferences -> Connection & Sensors -> Weak lift indication volume, or maybe enabling the option Mute audio when not flying would be better.

Read about sounds in Tips and tricks section.

Why is XCTrack migrating all data to the new location?

Well, it’s forced by Google for all Androids >= 10. To be able to publish new updates on Google Play, we had to implement new way of storing the data on internal storage. It’s called Scoped Storage. XCTrack 0.9.5.* running on Android >= 10 will migrate all your old data to the new required location. In Preferences > About XCTrack you can find a current data folder that is used.

XCTrack crashes during switching pages or while entering/exiting menu.

There is probably a bug in your system that’s out of our reach. You can try disable the Hardware acceleration in Preferences -> Android Integration.

Is XCTrack opensource?

No, but feel free to contribute with good bugreports, well specified tasks, documentation…

Is livetracking supported, yet?

Since the version livetracking has been supported in both production and beta versions.

Which is the latest version for Android 2.x?

The latest version is 0.6.1. You can download it here. This version uses a new authentication scheme for claiming new flights so it will work with XContest even when we disable the old one.

Which is the latest version for Android < 4.3.x, but newer then 2.x?

The latest version is 0.8.2-beta. You can download it here.

Which is the latest version for Android < 5, but newer then 4.3.x?

The latest version is You can download it here.

Is XCTrack available for iPhone/iPad?

No and we don’t plan it (the app would have to be almost rewritten again for iOS).

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